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Application for exchange program at Daito Bunka University

Admission to Daito Bunka University for exchange students from partner universities takes place twice a year (April and September). You will need to send the required documents through the international office in your home university.

How to apply:

Step 1

Exchange students are required to complete and submit the following documents:

  1. Daito Bunka University application form

  2. Japanese Language application proficiency form

  3. Official academic transcript

  4. Recommendation letter from a professor

  5. Statement of financial support

  6. Health certificate

  7. One photocopy of your passport

  8. Three passport-sized photos

  9. Certificate of Eligibility application

April (First Semester) Admission : November 15th
September (Second Semester) Admission : May 15th

Step 2

On receiving all the documents above, we will start your application process. We will email your home university the information brochure about life in Japan, a timetable after arrival.

Step 3

Daito Bunka University will apply for your Certificate of Eligibility (CoE) to the Immigration Bureau in Tokyo. When the CoE is issued, it will be sent to your home university at the end of January for those who enroll in April, in the middle of July for those who enroll in September. At the same time we will send a photo sheet for making your student identification card. Please send the photo sheet back to us with your signature on it. After you receive the CoE you can apply for a “College Student Visa” to the Japanese Embassy or the Japanese Consular Office in your country. Contact the Embassy or the Consular Office for more information on visa application.


Daito Bunka’s residence halls for exchange students is below.

Dormy Tsurugashima
Type Self-catered apartment,kitchen and washing machine are shared.
Room Facility bathroom, refrigerator, desk, chair, closet, desk lamp, internet,air conditioner, phone
Accommodation fee 300,000 yen for one semester.
60,000 yen for spring semester【February 16 through March 22】
*Options:Rental Bedding 17,820 yen a half year
Meal plan (breakfast and dinner *except Saturday and Sunday)
17,100yen a month
Nearest station Tsurugashima station on Tobu-tojo Line(3 minutes walk)
Access to campus Tobu-tojo Line bound for Shinrin-koen (4 stops)
One way ticket 200 yen
*University bus from Takasaka station ( Free of charge)
Train pass 1 month 3,330 yen
3 months 9,500 yen
6 months 17,990 yen
*You can purchase a train pass after you receive a student ID card at the orientation.

The payment for accommodation shall be made by bank transfer for each semester, and is due by March 25 for 1st Semester and August 25 for 2nd Semester.


There is an orientation day for new exchange students. In orientation, you take a Japanese placement test and an interview, and we will provide useful information on life in Japan and at Daito Bunka University to help you have a great time ahead. And you have an opportunity to visit Itabashi Campus and meet the president of Daito Bunka University.

Classes and Registration

We offer a range of Japanese classes for exchange students, including Grammar, Reading, Writing, Speaking, Culture and Kanji. Students will be allocated into four different levels (Basic Japanese level1 to 3, regular class level) based on the results of the placement test.
Please refer to the attachment files for more details.


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