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International Relations

Office of International Center

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The International Center helps teachers and students study abroad and welcomes international students from overseas. We also offer both of international and Japanese students having an international experience on campus.

Support for International Students

Applying for the Entrance examination
Applying for Certificate of Eligibility, Support for arrival in Japan
Procedure for visa extension / change status
Arrival Orientation
Information on a scholarship
Tuition exemption for the full time international students
Events and student trips
Advice on life in Japan

Support for Daito Bunka University Students

Advice on studying abroad
Support during studying abroad
Language Study Programs in Summer and Spring

Support for Teachers

Research and study abroad

We are also supporting International students studying at Daito Bunka, seeking a volunteer for a tutor, holding an English Speech Contest and organizing a reunion.

We have the International office both on Itabashi campus and on Higashimatsuyama campus. It is easy for students and teachers to visit and ask for advice on studying abroad or life in Japan.

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International Relations