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Focusing on the ctuality of the increasing diversity of people and society, we traion the human resources who will produce a future that offers hope.


Reinforcing students' motivation with three specialized coureses and shared subjects

The multicultural coexistence course focuses on the mechanisms that groups with differing cultures have for coexisting, coming to an understanding of the richness that yields diversity, and at the same time looking into solutions for the various issues that derive from that.

The cities and regions course looks into the spaces where people make their livelihoods, focusing on sociology but also incorporating law, administraiton and economics, for comprehensive studies of policies of national and regional public organizations, as well as the activities of NPOs and others.

In the Media and information course, students will acqire skills in information and data processing and statistical analysis, while developoing skills to analyze the principles of human behavior, the effectiveness of social policies, etc.

Additionally, the department offers subjects that focus on television, comic books and other subcultures, as well as mass communication and journalism. By also introducing subject clusters tailored for career building and acquiring credentials, we are doing everything we can to reinforce student motivation.