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“The Way” by Imai Ryosetsu (1922–2011)

Paper: H49 x W60 cm Frame: H72 x W84 cm
1992, ink on paper.
Honorary Professor at University of Tsukuba, former Professor at Daito Bunka University

The brush is amply soaked in ink and moved slowly. This is a masterpiece that is majestic and overflowing with a sense of dignity. The decisively painted strokes show no hesitancy or superfluousness. The reason it looks dynamic despite being a still image is the exquisite balance of wet and dry tonality of the final stroke. This is the stroke that looks the most powerful, and the dynamism probably comes from it creating anticipation for boundless expansion. In addition, it is likely because the elegant lines of his signature to the right make the character for “Way” stand out. (Text by Kawachi Toshiharu, Professor at the Department of Calligraphy)