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Daito Bunka University, established in 1923, is a historic institution, focusing on research on Asian cultures. Since its birth, more than 100,000 graduates have been making an impact across the world. Cooperating with over 100 sister universities mainly in Asia but not excluding other regions of the world, Daito Bunka University send more than 400 students a year abroad to study, while receiving a large number of international students every year.
Based on the university philosophy of “Fusion of Western and Eastern cultures,” Daito Bunka University attempts to offer a place of learning to all the people who have high motivation for learning, and to all who think for themselves on the basis of basic academic skills. In order to encourage our students to exert themselves to solve a variety of problems in our modern society, while sustaining their interest in history, society and cultures in the world, contributing to local and global community out of deep sympathy for cross-cultural understanding, and appreciation of the Japanese culture, and achieving a rich sense of humanity and erudition, Daito Bunka University offers a good place for learning.

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