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Daito Bunka Gakuen School Corporation shall make efforts to protect personal information per following regulations of personal data management.

On Personal Information Management (April 1, 2005 Daito Bunka Gakuen School Corporation)

Daito Bunka Gakuen School Corporation (hereafter “Daito”) shall stipulate personal information management as below and shall make efforts to protect personal data.

  1. Compliance of Related Laws
    We stipulated “Regulation on personal information protection at Daito Gakuen School Corporation” (hereafter Regulation), based on personal information protection law and related laws (hereafter “Laws). We shall comply with Regulation and Laws, and continuously make efforts to improve personal information protection which is owned by Daito.
  2. Collection and Use of Personal Information
    Upon collecting personal information, we shall clarify the objective of using such information, and collect and use the information with decency and fairness, within a range of achieving such goal.
  3. Personal Information Management
    We shall make efforts to maintain accuracy of the collected personal information. We will take appropriate measures to prevent loss, defamation, destruction, alteration, or leak of the information, and manage it strictly.
  4. Outsourcing Personal Information Management
    If we outsource works related to personal information management, we shall obligate such business to have an agreement to prevent leak or use such information with objective other than its original.
  5. Providing Personal Information to a Third Party
    We shall not provide personal information to a third party, with an exception of obtaining an agreement in advance from such person or other cases stipulated in Laws.
  6. Disclosure, Correction, Deletion and Complaint for Personal Information
    If we receive a request for disclosure, correction, deletion, or complaint for personal information from the owner of such information, we shall confirm the identity of the person, and handle it appropriately with necessary procedures.
  7. School Structure related to Personal Information
    We shall have a “personal information manager” for protecting personal data and a “personal information protection committee” to manage structure of personal information protection.

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Personal Information