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Welcome Lunch Party

We hold an annual welcome party for new international students in April, hoping you will talk with each other and make friends. We are looking forward to see you there and enjoying a delicious lunch!!

Excursion for International Students

We plan a sightseeing excursion to see several sights in Japan with international students. The purpose of this excursion is for international students to learn Japanese culture and history by seeing these famous places of interest. We also want you to communicate to other international students who are enrolled in other majors through this excursion. We will cover part of the fees. We go on two night-three days trip to the sights and hold during the beginning to middle of every September. This is one of the most enjoyable events which every international student are looks forward to.

For Hokuriku: Kanazawa/Noto in Ishikawa prefecture, Tohjinbo in
Fukui prefecture
For Kansai: Kyoto, Nara
For Hokkaido
For Kansai: Kyoto, Nara

Student Union Organization

In Daito Bunka University, many students who include about 400 international students in undergraduate school and 200 graduate, research, and exchange students study hard. However, there are too few opportunities to communicate with each other. Therefore, we formed “The Student Union Organization” in order to help with school life. International students can communicate with other students through this organization.

Tutor System (Conversation partners)

We have the tutor system for international students. The tutors work as a teacher for individual teaching. They are Japanese student volunteers and teach Japanese and its culture to international students. This is a good opportunity to make Japanese friends and to learn the culture and the language of the same age. Please make use of this system if you have an interest.

Meeting of Reports after Exchange program

We hold the meeting for international exchange students before finishing their study abroad in Daito Bunka University. In this meeting, international exchange students speech their impression and experience about their study abroad. Japanese teachers and students also attend this meeting to listen your speech. Please participate in it for your experience.