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Focusing on the reality of increasing diversity in people and society, we train graduates for the workforce who will contribute to building a future that offers hope.


Our three specialist courses and our common subjects are designed to stimulate and support student motivation

The Multicultural Coexistence Course focuses on the social mechanisms that enable groups of differing cultures to coexist. The course aims to develop an understanding of the richness brought about by diversity, and at the same time search for solutions for the various problems that arise from this diversity.

The Cities and Regions Course, while having an emphasis on sociology it also incorporates legal, administrative and economic studies, in order to examine the lived spaces of people in society. Students in this course will study comprehensively the policies of both national and regional public organizations, as well as the activities of other groups such as NPOs.

In the Media and Information Course, along with acquiring skills in information and data processing as well as statistical analysis, students will develop the skills to analyze the principles of human behavior, the effectiveness of social policies, and other aspects of society.

In addition, the department offers common subjects that focus on areas of popular culture such as television and comic books, as well as classes and lectures on aspects of mass media (mass communication) and journalism. By also introducing subject clusters tailored to career building and acquiring qualifications, we are doing everything we can to support high levels of student motivation.

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