研究分野 第二言語の語学教育
担当講義 英語、英語会話講座、英語特別講座、英語コミュニケーション講座
所属学会 全国語学教育学会、JALT Pragmatics SIG、JALT Business Communication SIG
学位 Embassy CES Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults English Language Teaching to Adults (ELTA) 修了 Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults (DELTA)

Sheffield Hallam University Faculty of Development and Society, Department of Education, Childhood and Inclusion Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) 修士課程修了 Master of Arts TESOL

English as a Second Language (ESOL)

English as a Lingua Franca (ELF)

Business Communication

English Pragmatics 



A pragmatic explanation for Japanese-English turn-taking contrasts and the need for pedagogical intervention: A response to Davey Young's TLT article  (単著)  2019/01

Discordant discourse styles in the decision-making meetings of Japanese English speakers and native English speakers  (共著)  2018

Small talk: Sociopragmatic discord in the Business English classroom  (単著)  2016

 Stop the story: A game for encouraging interruptions and practice of short question forms  (単著)  2015