Business Administration

Program Overview

Business Administration

Master's program

The master's program provides a detailed supervision system that allows each type of the following students to achieve their goals: those who completed university education and wish to learn higher-level specialized business administration; those who are working at various scenes of business administration in the practical world and wish to improve their specialized skills or consider their work systematically or theoretically; those who aim to become accounting professionals; and international students who wish to learn about Japanese companies and management.
For that purpose, many teachers in the fields of business administration, marketing and international business, information management, and accounting are in charge of research supervision courses, and plenty of lecture courses supporting such supervision courses are arranged.
Furthermore, the master's program also provides "Fundamental Methodology on Business Research" which gives guidance on how to collect literature and materials for business administration research, on how to give presentations, and on how to write a thesis, as well as other basic lecture courses helpful in understanding contemporary issues such as companies and laws and regulations, ethics, and the environment.

Doctor's program

The doctor's program has a system for providing supervision on the traditional area of business administration and on new areas whose importance has been recognized amid the spread of today's globalization, ICT, and privatization. Specialized lecture courses for supporting that system are established to form a curriculum that can respond to the needs of those who aim to become researchers and those who aim to acquire theories and skills for higher-level specialized jobs. Also, a detailed supervision system that can support students up to thesis completion is built.
Since the time of the Business Administration Program of the Graduate School of Economics, the predecessor of the present program, many Japanese and international students have been awarded the doctoral degree with thesis in a coursework-based and are working as researchers and teachers at universities inside and outside Japan.