Sports and Health Science(The curriculumn to be changed in 2017.)

Educational research at this graduate school consists of four areas that serve as the basic pillars: sports science, applied sports science, health science, and health information science. Students affiliated with one area can take 10 credits or more of related subjects in other areas. In this manner, by taking advanced lectures and seminars in different areas, students can further deepen their knowledge in the area they belong to and gain both a comprehensive perspective across areas and an insight in their specialized field. In addition, a course entitled "Sports and Health Science Research Method" is provided. This course allows students to understand basic principles and procedures for starting scientific study and an outline of the research processes from drafting a research plan to writing up a master’s thesis. Three working adults were admitted to the Graduate School of Sports and Health Science this year. They are studying hard day and night, aiming to become highly qualified teachers, specialized instructors, and professionals with high-level specialized knowledge who will contribute to health maintenance and promotion through sports and medical activities.

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